The story of each Caravans journey from rags to riches

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The Curious Cinema

Maureen, a 1989 Marauder, is the Mother of all the Curious Caravans. She was rescued from a driveway in Catford, South London in 2019. She was half full of rubbish, had missing windows and skylights, a mouldy roof and floor and desperately needed some love! 

I wasn't sure if I should go ahead and buy her but then by pure chance, my good friend Pinky appeared, coming out of a house over the road. He saw me and came over for a chat and offered to tow Maureen back to mine there and then with his truck which was parked round the corner. I took this as a sign!! 

We took her back to my driveway, a couple of miles up the road and started to strip her down. It wasn't until Covid lockdown happened that I found the time to give her the full love and attention she deserved.  

During lockdown I transformed her from the damp, mouldy mess she was into the gorgeous Kareoke and Home Cinema dream she is today!

Kali. Vintage Caravan. Bar .jpg


The Curious Bar

Kali became my second van in the fleet. Rescued from a farm in Derby where I found her with a very friendly chicken living inside. The sweet owners of Kali had planned to refurbish her themselves but had decided to move back to Irland so needed to get rid of her. She was stripped bare when I found her with no skylight and just 1 wardrobe still intact.


She is a bit of a feisty one and decided to strip off a few 'excess' parts on the drive home down the motorway (no one was injured!) causing me to pull over a couple of times and patch her up. 


She is now happily parked up awaiting her makeover. 

Stay tuned to see how she progresses!





The Curious Arcade

The extremely cute Bertha-Rose was rescued from the lovely coastal town of Deal. Originally bought to by a loving husband for his wife, his plan was to convert her into a shop where she could sell her creations. She then bought an actual shop in town and scuppered his plans!!! 

He hadn't got very far with his conversion so when we picked her up she was jampacked with various bits and bobs, awnings, cookers, a toilet...all of which I will find good homes and uses for. The cooker actually went to a lovely man who lives not that far from my workshop and has gone into his narrowboat conversion. 

 She is now destined to become a retro gaming arcade machine!

I'm excited for this one!!